Malerie Marder - Untitled #1 and #2
Malerie Marder

Untitled #1 and #2

From the portfolio Double Exposure
Two light jet prints, mounted on plexiglas,
50.5 x 60.5 cm (20 x 24") ea.
Edition of 45, signed on left image.

Malerie Marder (born 1971, lives and works in Los Angeles) sets up unconventional nude portraits and scenes using friends, family and herself as models. Inspired by film, her disturbing and enigmatic images have a strong cinematic quality, where tension is created through the uncertainty of the scene and the uncertainty of the relationships. The subjects at times appear to be caught off guard, further enhancing the awkwardness of the image and cleverly orchestrating a sense of uncomfortable voyeurism.

EUR 1.000

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