Bill Jacobson - #3839/#3561
Bill Jacobson


From the portfolio Double Exposure
Two chromogenic prints,
26,5 x 30,5 cm (10½ x 12 in.) ea.,
mounted on Museum board,
48,5 x 54,5 cm (19¼ x 21½ in.)
Edition of 45, signed on both images.

Bill Jacobson (born 1955, lives and works in New York) has been making diffused, out-of-focus photographs since 1989. They refer to the way the mind works, as opposed to the way the camera traditionally "sees". A crisp, modern snapshot tends to render the world with far more detail and clarity than our brains can ever comprehend. Jacobson´s images from the early and mid-nineties were mostly close-ups of figures silhouetted against white or black, suggesting past lives, past relationships, or friends who have passed away. The more recent color work, shot on the streets of New York, emphasizes presence rather than loss. Yet still, the lack of clarity speaks to the fragility, and tenuousness, of life itself.

set EUR 1.500

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