Monica Bonvicini - Minimal Romantik
Monica Bonvicini

Minimal Romantik

Digital pigment print on semi-transparent foil,
68.2 x 75 cm (26¾ x 29½"). Edition of 40,
signed and numbered.

In her work, Monica Bonvicini (born 1965 in Venice; lives and works in Berlin and Los Angeles) approaches the fundamental question of access to architectural matter; she questions architectural resistance to the human being. She works with and in architecture - a realm that she sees as being "basic" - to bring architecture into the non-basic realm of art. Her work is designed to instill viewers with a sense of an extreme experience, be it fear, pleasure, or even pain.  "The work, Minimal Romantik, references works by Sol LeWitt and Caspar David Friedrich. The sculpture will be made by construction workers during the opening days of the Biennale. The intention is to destroy the cube from the top downwards, turning it into a three-dimensional Eismeer landscape."

EUR 900

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