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Since 1969 Edition Schellmann has been publishing contemporary artworks in limited editions. Inspired by the visual culture revolution of the 1960s, Schellmann started producing prints and multiples with European and American artists, focusing on Joseph Beuys and his seminal idea of multiples. After ten years of publishing in partnership with Bernd Klüser (1975–1985), in the second half of the 1980s Schellmann increasingly focussed on exploring and expanding the potential of producing editions. Recognizing that in our time art is no longer necessarily created by the artist’s hand but predominantly by conceptual design and production, it became evident that an edition could be any work of art produced in a certain number of copies. As a result of this approach, projects came into being that previously would not have been thought of as editions, i.e. objects composed of metal, wood, plastic, stone, concrete, light, paper, photography, video, etc. and combinations of these media, in dimensions no longer limited to those of traditional multiples. In the early 1990s, Edition Schellmann began a large series, still in progress, of site-specific Wall Works, installations on a wall for which the artists have created a design and parameters for how the work can be executed on a given wall at a given site. In reference to the serial concept of editions and Schellmann’s 40th anniversary, this catalog is entitled, Forty are better than one, alluding to the Andy Warhol painting, Thirty Are Better Than One, 1963, which depicts a series of thirty Mona Lisa reproductions – a tongue-in-cheek comment on the worshipped aura of unique works of art versus the mass-production and global distribution of images in our time.

Catalogue Raisonné

Catalogue Raisonné of the complete editions published by Edition Schellmann, Munich-New York from 1969 - 2009: prints, objects, and installations. 456 pages, with over 1000 color illustrations, hardcover, 32 x 26 cm.
Published by Hatje Cantz. ISBN 978-3-7757-2236-0.
US distribution: DAP, New York, NY
Price: Euro 45 - US $70

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